Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jazz Shoes.

Top: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Motel
Shoes: Sam Edelman

As we were leaving the house to take these pictures, I asked my husband if he liked my jazz shoes. He replied that he didn’t and wondered if he always had to like what I was wearing. Well hunny, too bad those jazz shoes made it on the blog! Does your man’s opinion or friend’s opinion affect what you are wearing? ( He just read this, and said “of course it does!”)
<3 Kastles


  1. So cute! That's an awesome skirt! And I love your jazz shoes. I had ones exactly like that when I was younger. We would screw taps on the bottom for tap dancing ; )

    D. sometimes makes fun of what I'm wearing. He called me a mime the other day because I was wearing black and white stripes. It's all in good fun, though! His opinion affects me to an extent. But he's pretty much clueless about female fashion so I don't take it to heart!

  2. This is such a cute look, I love the leopard print skrit and your "jazz" shoes.
    Bryce has a hate on for high waisted skirts and shoes with platforms (he's insane) but I still wear both of those things a lot, just not always around him

  3. your skirt is my idea of true leopard...the color, the spots...i love it. the jazz shoes are pretty fabulous, too...the studs give it that extra oomph :)


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