Monday, September 26, 2011

Prayer Needed.

I know this isn’t a personal blog but I need to share this. Last week a friend of mine from High School was in a serious bicycle accident. He is currently sedated and in a coma. I haven’t seen Dave for several years. I do remember what a caring, kind, and friendly guy he is. When we were in grade 12, a large group of us went to New York. While we were there I remember how Dave would hold an umbrella over me, and if we were in a rough area he would be my partner and watch out for me. He looked out for me, and I haven’t forgotten. He has a large group of people who love him, and can’t wait to see him open his eyes and smile again. Please pray and send your love his way. I know it makes a difference. Thank you in advance.


  1. This is so sad, definitely sending positive thoughts that way!

  2. Sending you a big hug and I will keep your friend in my prayers. xoxo


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